How To Collect (My) NFTs


1. Buy Crypto!

You will need to choose a marketplace, and is the easiest to start with. Here are the steps to setting up your Coinbase account. Etherium (ETH) is the most common form of cryptocurrency used to purchase NFTs. When you add money from your bank account to your Coinbase wallet, you should choose to purchase ETH. 

2. Set up your Wallet.

The next step is to set up your digital wallet, and is most commonly used. This allows you to actually use your ETH. Here are the steps. The seed phrase (a unique string of words) is your most important password that you must not loose (you should write it down on a piece of paper and store in a secreat location). You should never share the seed phrase with anyone (or they can hack your wallet). 

3. Transfer Crypto to your Wallet.

In Metamask, copy your public address. In Coinbase choose “send” and paste your Metamask address in the To field. Send all or some of your ETH to your Metamask.

4. Sign up for a NFT Marketplace

There are a number of NFT Marketplaces, and setting up an account is similar on all of them. Most of my NFTs are on, so we will use Opensea as an example. When you join a marketplace you are asked to sync your Metamask to the site. This allows you to simultaneously buy NFTs using your wallet and store the NFTs in your wallet! It’s pretty cool! The most direct way is to go to the homepage and click the account icon and then profile. You will be prompted to connect your Metamask. 

5. Purchase your NFT!

Decide which NFT(s) you want to purchase from my profile. Click “Buy Now” and follow the prompts!

Any Questions? Join my Discord and we will help guide you!