Collector Perks

Iā€™m super grateful to you for buying my work, and to show my gratitude I give different collector perks depending on the number of NFTs you buy.

First, all collectors get šŸ† life-time access to my private Collector channel on Discord where I chat everyday, discuss my process, and take suggestions and advice on my work and what I should do next. I also post early previews of my NFT releases on this channel (before I share them on social media) so you can be the first to buy one.

Next, with each NFT you buy, you get an increasing number of šŸ”ž explicit perks:

  • If you buy one NFT, you get a free one-month membership to ($50 value)
  • If you buy two NFTs, you get the above perk plus a bundle of 20 naked photos of me ($100 value).
  • If you buy three NFTs, you get the above two perks plus any video of your choice from my explicit catalogue ($150 value).
  • For every NFT after three that you buy, you can choose another bundle of 20 naked photos or a video of your choice from my explicit catalogue (each bundle or video is another $50 in value).

Finally, when you have spent 1ETH or more on my work, you get access to šŸ’ŒĀ my private Patron channel on Discord where my interaction is much more intense and personal regarding my process, your interests, and the market. Basically, you become my private art advisor. You also get to attend my once-per-season virtual video studio visit where we have an open conversation about my art and your aesthetic values. Your #patron channel membership lasts until the end of the season after you gained access, at which point to regain access you will need to buy another 1ETH of works.

To claim any of these perks, simply message the access code(s) you received in the locked content of your NFT to and you will receive your perk(s)!

Thank you so much for collecting my work. It means the world to me!